feminine energy


Surf Culture

Because of the simplicity and timeless designs of Ms Lex, you'll not only look and feel amazing taking a 6ft drop on a wave but also having a coffee at the local beach cafe.

This was important to me, because I value simplicity and practicality in my designs.

I wanted Ms Lex pieces to not just look and feel great in the water, but also look and make you feel great out on the street, once you jump out of the ocean.

So I designed them so that you could get out of the ocean and walk down the street. You just add a pair of jean shorts, a t-shirt, or a linen shirt and go straight to grab a drink or meet with friends in between a session. It's a 'neat seaside uniform'.

The aesthetic of our designs are simple clean and inclusive of all body types. Our pieces are made to make every woman feel more comfortable and confident, it highlights the feminine areas such as the decolletage and hips.


ms lex never sacrifices performance and delivers the trifecta of sophistication, reliability and practicality. ms lex is an independent and self-funded brand by women for women.

Our story

Ms Lex is a luxury swimwear and lifestyle brand informed by surf culture and a passion for the wonders of the ocean. 

Ms Lex’s approach to design holds a respect for both the female body, the ocean and planet at large. 

Ms Lex collections are engineered as an aesthetically elevated uniform that seamlessly translates from the sea to the streets.

Customer reviews
It fits like a glove. I love it.
— Alex Pekarkova
Absolutely crazy about my swimsuit. I love your brand!
— Alexandra Blanckaert
I was surfing all day. It was a solid 3ft and it held in place so well. I was very happy with it.
— Angela King