Designed in Melbourne.  Tested in the Oceans of the World.


Ms Lex is a luxury swimwear and lifestyle brand informed by surf culture and a passion for the wonders of the ocean. 

Inclusivity and an elevated sense of style are at the core of the process and brand. Ms Lex’s approach to design holds a respect for both the female body, the ocean and planet at large. Founded by avid surfer Melanie Socratous, Ms Lex collections are engineered as an aesthetically elevated uniform that seamlessly translates from the sea to the streets.

Ms Lex is anchored in harnessing a feminine energy that radiates from the garments to the waves and is guided by modernist design principles with a focus on minimalism and function.

The core collection was created with a 365 ethos, meaning it endures every day of the year, across all seasons, in and out of water with protection against harsh conditions.

All the designs are crafted to be sturdy, sensible and able to withstand duck dives and wipe outs without any wardrobe malfunctions. The collections are built around classic pieces in minimalist palettes -wearing them almost feels like you got dressed up to go surfing! With streamlined silhouettes, Ms Lex never sacrifices performance and delivers the trifecta of sophistication, reliability and practicality.

Ms Lex is an independent and self-funded brand by women for women. 


September 09, 2021 — Melanie Socratous