Ms Lex meets Mediterranean Sea

Finding your own rhythm in a noisy, tumbling and spiraling world sometimes feels like being torn apart by a monstrous wave. But there is something thrilling about getting back out on the surface, breathing in the salty particles of life and letting go through the vibrations of the ocean.

This precise feeling of liberation and discovery is what pushed me into creating my own swimwear collection. And it was high time I got to wear my favorite swimsuits on a much-deserved vacation.

Everywhere I looked, there was something that the eye had never seen, and the soul had never felt. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are incomparable to anything I had experienced thus far. Evoking a tranquil sensitivity and a deeply meaningful connection with Mother Nature, as I further got into the sea’s core, I felt like I was reconnecting with myself!

I was so eager to test out my swimsuit in the sea water as well. I already knew that if it can sustain the massive blows of giant ocean waves, the calmness of the Mediterranean Sea would make the swimwear feel even better.

The sea water is so clear and clean, perfect to observe the rocky, yet sandy bottom. And what I love so much about my swimsuits is that they made me feel so comfortable and in sync with my body! Both the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit blended so well into the picturesque scenery, but they were so lush that they elegantly stood out.

Then I found them – the hidden turquoise caves! The angelic light was piercing through the secular rocks, while the gentle ripples whispered the secrets only known by these caves. Truly spectacular!

The more I stayed in the waters, the more I could sense the ranging ripples turning into small waves that carefully caressed the shores. How could one not see the motion of life in this? We come and go into nature, and, in between, we experience fortitude, contentment, ups and downs, bravery and resilience.

I let my thoughts drift away for some time. And they landed in a place where everything was possible. Calmness soon started to tingle my toes and my muscles released any tension that somehow managed to escape into this Eden.

The love spell of this place captured me so deeply, that I was swimming, enjoying the sunshine by the day, and drifted into the night while visiting the beach bar.

Nights on the Mediterranean coastline are so different... The dim light approached the shores with the calmness of a wise sail man. The rays of sun knew where the waters are deep and the rocks steep, creating a serene sunset, accompanied by the quiet lapping of the waves.

Wearing my Ms Lexi swimsuit, strolling the long beaches bathed in the moonlight, I felt empowered, beautiful and capable of achieving every dream of mine.

The fullness that was surrounding me engulfed every concern, fear or unease that I had ever felt. I swam into nothingness and yet into the true meaning of life – to completely embrace oneself and to discover their real potential.

One thing for sure Is, I will be visiting the Mediterranean Sea as soon as possible. The only difference is ill be wearing next seasons collection.



July 04, 2022 — Melanie Socratous