Ms Lex Founder and Creative Director, Melanie Socratous, strongly believes that swimsuits should fit like a second skin, “in the water you want to feel free, unrestricted and at one with prolific nature.” 

After a traumatic road accident in her early twenties and years of subsequent surgeries and traditional rehabilitation, Melanie turned to water sports as a form of therapy and healing. The ocean became her ‘happy place’, but she would find herself distracted by uncomfortable wetsuits and self conscious of the unflattering  silhouettes. Dissatisfied with the surf wear available for women, the inception of Ms Lex was born with a singular mission to fuse style and function.

Melanie says, “I felt the water sports wear options on the market were lacking both elegance and an edge. There isn’t anything flattering about a wetsuit and this can, even subconsciously, meddle with your confidence before you’ve even set foot in the water.”

Melanie began private cut and sew lessons before designing her first one piece that went on many international surfing adventures with her and after much testing and refinement the debut core collection of Ms Lex was born. As a new designer Melanie saw an opportunity to redefine surf wear culture by creating a line that is both aesthetically elevated and inclusive of all body types. 

“I designed a one piece that made me feel more comfortable and confident, it highlighted skin in feminine areas such as the décolletage and hips.”

Melanie created Ms Lex to push boundaries in the Surf wear space and create functional pieces that she hopes emboldens women both in and out of the water.

She says, “Creating Ms Lex has been a journey as thrilling and challenging as the ocean for which these are designed to be worn in!”

Ms Lex is ultimately a tribute to Melanie’s daughter, Alexia, who shares a love for the waters and wilds in which they share special memories and hope to protect for future generations. 



September 09, 2021 — Melanie Socratous